The Podcaster

Viktor Madarasz

a Hungarian born IT Professional working in the IT Sector for nearly a decade. Held various positions from Global Service Desk Analyst Level I – II to Deskside Support Analyst. Feels comfortable both in and out of the Server Room. Focused in System’s Administration and Networking which He does as a hobby having a 42U Rack for himself as a homelab.

In my actual position at GeesinkNorba Group I am working as a Senior System Administrator as part of a two man team. The environment is close to being a 99% Microsoft exclusive ( Windows Servers, Hyper-V , Sharepoint , Office 365 Online including Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution among other things). I did manage to implement a few Linux servers in the environment ( Zabbix Monitoring solution and a Centralized Log Server )

In my previous position at Shadow Robot I was able to focus on working in a near 100% Linux and Open Source environment as a System Administrator.